Bankrate (August 2004) | Evanescenceville

Bankrate (August 2004)

Bankrate spoke to Lee about the perils of being thrown into fame.

Bankrate: With such quick success, how do you handle dealing with the business end of things?

Amy Lee: The business (stinks). I try to stay out of it as much as possible, but you can’t completely or you get screwed over. It’s a tough business. It’s kind of designed to screw the artist. My grandpa is an attorney. When we were first going to sign a record contract, we started showing the contracts to my grandpa, and he’s like, “I don’t understand. These are all horrible. I would never advise a client to sign anything like this.” And it’s not just about contracts. We’re doing fine, obviously, but it’s just such a screwed-up industry. I hate to get into the business end. I’d rather just hire good people to handle it for me.

Bankrate: Have you been able to find good people?

Amy Lee: Yeah, I have. It takes a lot of looking, but they’re definitely out there.

Bankrate: So have you had to learn about stocks and stuff, and what to do with your money?

Amy Lee: I haven’t learned very much. I should learn some more. There’s been talk about it, but I haven’t done anything yet. We hired a lot of new people recently and I have an awesome business manager, and I actually hired a financial adviser. That’s the only person I’ve been talking to about stocks and junk that I don’t understand. So, yeah, I’ll be doing some investing. As soon as the money starts really rolling in.

Bankrate: Do you have any directions you think you want to go with that?

Amy Lee: No. Except that we’ve occasionally donated money, and that always feels good. That’s simple and easy. I understand that.

Bankrate: You hear so many stories about bands having hit records and selling millions, and yet still being in debt and broke and in these horrible financial straits. Have you gotten caught in any traps like that, or are things working out better for you?

Amy Lee: It’s definitely working out better than that. I’m not broke, and I’m doing better than I’ve ever done.